During the COVID-19 pandemic many scientists can't proceed with their usual lab experiments anymore and move to online versions of their studies. But setting up a JATOS instance is not always easy. We want to support the scientific community by providing a JATOS server for free.
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The link to the JATOS server is at the end of the page. But first the playing rules:

Playing rules

Time frame

Extended until end of September - if you want it extended even longer feel free to ‘buy us a coffee’ to pay for the server.

For now we plan to offer this server until the end of August September October 2020. It’s also possible that we limit the signing in of new users if we find that the load on the server becomes too high and therefore a free service is unsustainable.

Please talk to us before you run your study with participants if

  • you want to run a study with many participants at the same time (e.g. send out a link by Twitter, Facebook etc.)
  • you have high data volume ( >1 MB per component) in your result data or result files of your study
  • you want to upload audio/video in your study

All these will increase the traffic, and therefore the server costs, so please just check with us that it’s within our budget.

Privacy and ethics

  • This JATOS server is hosted in the cloud (Digital Ocean), within the European Union and uses encryption for all network traffic. So you should check whether a cloud-hosted server complies to the ethics regulations of your institution.
  • experiments.jatos.org or JATOS itself does not store user information apart from what is necessary to create the user account (username, name).
  • More can be found under: http://www.jatos.org/Data-Privacy-and-Ethics.html

Backup your result data

Right now experiments.jatos.org is backed up only on a weekly basis. Please export your result data on a regular basis since otherwise in the (unlikely) case of a server failure your data might get lost. Sadly, we will probably not have the capacity to help you troubleshoot or recover lost data.

Research only

No private use, no commercial use.

Support us

The server costs money. Please consider donating via buymeacoffee.com (coffee cup in the bottom right).

And the boring stuff (Terms of Use)

By using the web application under the domain experiments.jatos.org you agree to the following points:

experiments.jatos.org is a installation of JATOS (Just Another Tool for Online Studies). JATOS is an open-source project and released under the Apache 2 Licence. The source code is available on github.com/JATOS/JATOS.

Limitation of Liability

  • We are not liable for what data you as a user store from your participants’ of your experiments (e.g. result data, result files, session data or log messages). You as a user have to ensure that the data you store on experiments.jatos.org comply with the respective privacy regulations of your location.
  • We are not liable to you for any losses, damages, claims and expenses whatsoever.


  • As electronic services are subject to interruption or breakdown, access to the experiments.jatos.org is offered on an “as is” and “as available” basis only.
  • We may impose limits or restrictions on the use you may make of the experiments.jatos.org. Further, for security, technical, maintenance, legal or regulatory reasons, or due to any breach of these Terms of Use, we may withdraw this service at any time and without notice to you.


  • Useage of experiments.jatos.org for any commercial purpose or otherwise (either directly or indirectly) for profit or gain is prohibited.


You can log in with your Google account or ask us for an account in case you do not have a Google account.