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If you want participants to be able to run your studies you have to bring JATOS online, into the Internet. There are different ways to do this, each with its own pros and cons and we discuss these way in depth on their own page. Now here is already an overview:

  Setup time Setup difficulty Cost Number of JATOS user / JATOS workers Expected running time span Reliability Privacy
1. Expose your local JATOS fast easy none you / few hours to few days medium to low as good as your computer
2. Cloud server fast to medium depends on your vendor yes many / many hours to years high medium
3. Own server medium to slow (depends on your IT) needs admin skills ask your IT many / many month to years high high

†) Depends on your computer and Internet connection ‡) Depends on your server

1. Expose your local JATOS to the Internet

This is the easiest, but also least reliable way. If you just want to run an experiment online for a couple of hours or days, but it’s not extremly dramatic if things break - this one is for you.

More information: Expose your local JATOS

2. Cloud server

Can be still fast & easy (depending on your cloud vendor and your skills), but might not be in line with your privacy principles. This one is reliable and can run for a long time (as long as you pay). And it can serve many JATOS users.

Go on with JATOS on DigitalOcean or JATOS on AWS (or any other cloud vendor)

3. Own server

A JATOS installation at your institute on a dedicated server is probably the safest and most reliable way - but also the one that (usually) takes the longest time and most admin skills to set up.

More information: Install JATOS on a server