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Version: 3.7.x

Use Prolific

It is very easy to use JATOS together with Prolific to recruit participants.

This is what the New Study page in Prolific looks like:

Prolific screenshot

In the field under What is the URL of your study? (first red box in the screenshot), enter a link to your JATOS study.You probably want a study link of either General Single or a General Multiple type (see Run your Study with Study Links).

2. (Optional) Consider passing Prolific URL parameters to your study

Prolific allows you to pass the parameters PROLIFIC PID, STUDY ID, and SESSION ID as URL parameters. Click on 'Show advanced' and then 'Add parameters' like in the screenshot.

Prolific screenshot

Then you can access those URL parameters in your study's JavaScript via jatos.urlQueryParameters.

3. Redirect to Prolific's end page after the study is done

The second red box contains a link that will (re)direct the participant to a Prolific page, with information on how to claim their payment.

Choose one of the two ways

  1. With JATOS' UI (easiest and recommended): Put the Prolific link in the End Redirect URL field of your Study Properties


  2. With jatos.js: Include jatos.endStudyAndRedirect in the JavaScript of your last component

    E.g. but change this URL to the one you see in Prolific


    You can combine it with sending result data

    var resultData = {id: 123, data: "my important result data"};
    jatos.endStudyAndRedirect("", resultData);